What’s the Fuss About Lavender Essential Oil? + DIY Lavender Spray!


Oh, lavender… You’re like the Dale Carnegie of essential oils and aromatic plants in general. Everyone loves lavender, and everyone knows about lavender. Lavender sachets, lavender soap, lavender laundry detergent, lavender pillows, lavender everything. But it’s excellent reputation is well-founded as lavender essential oil has many qualities that make it one of the best household […]

Wildcrafting: What it is and How it can benefit You

Wildcrafting flowers

For me “wildcrafting” sounds a bit like something magic from a Harry Potter movie. And it sort of actually is. Wildcrafting is picking plants where they naturally grow for use in medicine, food, cosmetics, cleaning products, even magical potions, if you happen to be a believer in a more abstract realm of plant power. Harvesting […]